Thinking the Extremes: International Studies Association of Nazism, Memory and War

The objective of this project, elaborated, coordinated and organized by the NEPAT - Brazilian Center for Nazism and Holocaust Studies is to bring together researchers who study the themes of Nazism, memory, World War II, for periodic meetings to discuss their research and exchange references and experiences.

The meetings have an academic focus and aim to discuss the research of colleagues in order to expand this network of studies and get in touch with other perspectives and theories.

Thinking the Extremes was founded in October 2020 and we want to expand its activities in 2021 by promoting events and debates open to the public.

We are working on expanding this project to include students from other countries, promoting an international dialogue between researchers.


If you are a researcher who wants to participate in these discussions, send us an email (we accept proposals in English and Spanish) with a brief description of your research and your academic interests.


Research group